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Gladiator [Nov. 12th, 2006|08:06 pm]
[Stede |East Saxe, Englaland]
[Mōd |Sneezy]
[Swēg |Gladiator music]

Those of you who like crude internet games this will suit you down to the ground but those of you with real lives to live then don't worry about it.


Nice sound effects.
Anywho... got stuff to do.

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: freadal
2006-11-13 06:47 pm (UTC)
The smash technique worked the best. Concentrate on attack and strength whilst having a bit of defence and vitality. Taunt a bit until they're next to you... charge them and do a few quick attacks and every-so often a power attack. I so nearly killed the cheaty pirate bastard, I was dealing out hefty chunks of 14 and 15 damage whilst he was only dealing 5 and 9 but he got one lucky hit of 33 and my head came clean off... I might try it again later.
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